Y журнал скрап инфо

y журнал скрап инфо

Обо всех новостях скрапового рунета, о которых сочли нужным упомянуть наши участники, а также о событиях же в скраповом мире за рубежом, можно узнать в соответствующем разделе форума. Scrappers insist on acid-free, lignin-free papers, stamp ink, and embossing powder. Older «magnetic» albums are not acid-free and thus cause damage to the photos and memorabilia included in them. The notebook has grown in popularity, allowing for journaling and memory keeping for any interests. Traditional scrapbooking sales for 2010 have declined to about $1.6 billion in annual sales from a peak of about $2.5 billion in 2005.[29] During that same time frame the number of independent scrapbooking stores declined from a high of 4,200 to about 1,200 independent storefronts. Journaling may also include song lyrics, quotations, and poems.

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