Журнал бурда 7/2006

Chem. 51, 41 (2000). Google ScholarCrossref, CAS19. H. Knobloch and W. Knoll, J. Chem. Steady state and ultrafast transient absorption studies have been carried out for gold,nickel, and palladium high aspect ratio nanorods. Curr HIV Res 4: 79–85.G. Barbaro2006Metabolic and cardiovascular complications of highly active antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection.Curr HIV Res47985 3. Levy AR, James D, Johnston KM, Hogg RS, Harrigan PR, et al. (2006) The direct costs of HIV/AIDS care. Phys. 111, 8613 (1999). Google ScholarScitation, CAS43. J. H. Hodak, A. Henglein, and G. V. Hartland, J. Phys. Every data point represents the mean of two (A) or three (B) replicates; error bars in (B) show standard error of the mean. next examined the in vivo ability of RIT with radiolabeled 246-D to eliminate HIV-1-infected cells.

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