Profight журнал

profight журнал

Thirty-nine days later, Tyson would fight Michael Spinks to unify the heavyweight title, but here there was already a battle on for his soul and, more to the point, his growing fortune. Unexpectedly, the GeForce GTX 960M in the XPS 15 finishes just ahead of the GTX 965M in the Surface Book i7. The MacBook Pro 15, with its Radeon Pro 450, finishes in a firm third place. March 30, 2013. Retrieved March 31, 2013. ^ «Golovkin-Macklin formally announced at NYC presser — The Ring». The Ring. 2013-04-14. Retrieved 2017-03-31. ^ «Golovkin KO proves he’s here to stay». . This is brazen stuff. “Tell me about it,” Arum said. Retrieved October 11, 2013. ^ ALH EDGAR ESTRADA (September 11, 2012). «Boxing’s Best Kept Secret». .

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