Handmade бизнес журнал онлайн

handmade бизнес журнал онлайн

The company will move to a state-of-the-art, 43,500-square-foot headquarters in 2016, complete with study rooms for kids who join their parents at work in the afternoons, a room for nursing moms, and even a dog-friendly office policy. Leather came naturally to him as a material for its unique combination of flexibility and strength, and from summers spent riding horses on his family’s ranch in Eastern Oregon. 2. How did you get started selling your handmade items online? Now, her wares are highly rated on Craftcount, a site that tracks Etsy top sellers by category. (Currently, she is ranked 186 out of more than 1,300 Etsy stores)2. Branch out from the well-worn path.It’s common knowledge that social-media marketing is a must-have strategy.

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